no raw shrimp??

i was going to make barbecued shrimp tomorrow night but alas...no raw shrimp...anywhere....not even frozen...not even at the huge market on saturday morning. So we're having hamburgers. Things are good over here, hurricane free so far. I saw that the LSU game got pushed back, a monday game should make for an interesting week for you LSU students. I should be able to get some pictures of the town, my friends, my room sometime soon. We watched a HILARIOUS movie in class the other day Dinner Game Its pretty rich, not too long, the description on netflix couldnt be gayer. I laughed my ass off and suggest it to anyone. I think i'm taking a trip to the coast tomorrow, and then we start class on monday. We have about two weeks of add/drop before we really get going so im not quite in school yet. spread the word bout tha blog. bye.