last week, there was a national strike. The strike was against the CPE. The CPE is a program that allows for a trial period of 2 months when a young person is hired for his first job. during this trial period, the enterprise doesnt pay into his retirement pension and he or she can be fired because it is a trial period. Now they have changed the duration to two years leading to what many youth see as an extended period of precarity and uncertainty. Some feel this law favors corporations and capitalism and treats workers (especially young people, since the only modification was to the program concerning the first job) as disposable. A larger university in my town has been blockaded by students for 5 weeks. That means no classes, the university is on strike, because of the students. Last tuesday, my little political science school was blockaded, and we were part of the 37 universitys that were on strike. tonight we have an assembly to vote on blockading again tomorrow, as more than 40 universities will be on strike and estimates of 1 million people will be in the streets throughout france. Im voting strike.