le manif

last night the strike passed around 170 to 70 in favor. so this morning i decided to meet up at school with those who were protesting and see what it was all about. We marched and were joined by some students from the law school and by some high school students before arriving at the square that has the mayors office. Some students had forced their way in, im guessing, and were out on the balconies, im not sure how many thousands of people were there i would guess 5 to 10. We then proceeded to march through town for about 2 hours, blocking traffic, and of course chanting chants against the CPE. It was really interesting to see so many people out against something that their government is trying to pass, it's hard to imagine something like that happening in the US but i believe that strikes and demonstrations aren't a part of our history like they our a part of theirs. here is a pretty cool website that has a litte info on what happened in paris

and here is another blog with up to date information about the situation